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Sometimes you wonder "...have I done that already?", and you find you either have to go hunting for the answer in the achievements UI, or need to spend some gold and see if something happens.

So, this tries to remember that stuff for you. It'll tell you:

  • if you've killed that achievement-related mob
  • if you've already /love'd certain other achievement-related mobs
  • if you've already worn that tabard
  • if you've already bought the commendation for that faction
  • if you've already fished from that type of pool
  • if you've already eaten that type of food
  • if you've already cooked that type of food

Then, once you know all that, you might want suggestions about what to do next. It'll point you at achievements related to your current location and activities.

Note: this works but is missing data from recent expansions.