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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This is a plugin for the HandyNotes addon concentrating on Argus.

This plugin is under development. Do not expect anything to be working.

- display rares, treasures and battle pets on the map and minimap
- toggle visibility for each type
- looted rares/treasures will be removed from the map till the next day/reset
- displays information whether you know the mounts/pets/toys or not
- if you use Can I Mog It?, transmog information will be added to the tooltip too
- left click rares on the map to find a group
- parses group finder results and guesses which rares may be available

- white skulls = no loot needed
- blue skulls = loot needed
- red glow = (relatively) few groups found
- green glow = (relatively) more groups found

Some notes
- each rare can be looted once per day per char
- each collection of treasure boxes with the same questid can be looted once per day per char (thats 9 boxes in antoran wastes and 7 in Krokuun)
- it seems rare spawns change every 4 hours, starting on daily reset at 9:00
- rare spawns are region wide. if a rare does not spawn within a minute on your server, it is not up on any server
- camping rares is a waste of time. just check every 4 hours.

If you find errors, false information or missing loot, please leave me a comment.

I need proper translations for languages i do not speak. That's everything except English and German. Please leave me a pm on curseforge if you want to help with the localization.


A huge thanks to the translators:

zhCN - ananhaid
zhTW - sprider00
koKR - yuk6196
ruRU - born2slip

esES - Nyumia


Since the HandyNotes author does not react to anything, i'd suggest you modify your HandyNotes.lua too. The first change enables the middle mouse button for group creation. The other one enables Minimap interaction with the nodes.


Line 129:

pin:RegisterForClicks("LeftButtonDown", "LeftButtonUp", "RightButtonDown", "RightButtonUp", "MiddleButtonDown", "MiddleButtonUp")

Line 419:

icon:SetScript("OnClick", pinsHandler.OnClick)


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