HandyNotes: WorldMapButton

251,507 Downloads Last Updated: May 27, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.5

This AddOn adds a Button to the Worldmap which allows you to toggle Handynotes.  

So this Button allows you to Show or Hide all the Icons created by Handynotes very fast to keep your Worldmap clear if you need it!


This Addon was created to work with the "Default" Woldmap and the Original UI but i've also tested the following AddOns for now (2020.09.15):

  • ElvUI
  • Mapster
  • Leatrix Maps
  • World Map Tracking Enhanced

It also might (no guarantee!!!) work with other Addons that does not significantly change the Worldmap itself.

If there is an AddOn that makes trouble, please report a Ticket here.


Info (2020.09.15):
In Patch 8.3 it seems the Frame-Level of the Original "Filter" button from the Default UI is bugged and somtimes or almost all the time is invisible!
My Button anyways arrage on the left side of this Button even if it is NOT visible yet!


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