HandyNotes - Warcraft Conquest


HandyNotes - Warcraft Conquest is a plugin adding campaign information for users of the HandyNotes addon!

It adds Warcraft Conquest campaign maps for locations, NPCs, and scheduled events to maps and minimaps. Anyone attending a campaign can find events on the in-game map, camp locations with key places, events with players and dungeon masters, and changes to the world based on successes and failures.

Northrend Events Addon is LIVE: Events live for upcoming pre-Shadowlands campaign: https://tinyurl.com/in-deaths-shadow

About Warcraft Conquest

The Warcraft Conquest Discord Server is a community project that focuses on coordinating fun and dynamic roleplay plotlines set in the Warcraft universe, conducted by dungeon masters and staff with PvE-D20, PvP-D20, RP-PvE, and RP-PvP events. We hope to provide a platform for networking and collaboration for players on the Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord servers US, cross faction, cross server and growing.

Website | Discord Server

Campaign Events

This campaign helps Warcraft Conquest Dungeon Masters and Staff provide continuous updates for players attending events!

Content includes icons and information for:

  • City, camp, and warfront locations and fortifications
  • Villains and enemy forces, locations, and fortifications
  • Changes to the lands based on campaign objectives
  • Events for all factions with schedule, size, type, and notes

Event icons include:




Players can use the addon configurations screen through Interface > HandyNotes to turn on and off different campaign information. Or enter the command: /wconquest config


Planned Updates

Working on adding more information, locations, icons, and options for custom images, completed campaigns, locations according to campaigns, and more. The project is on GitHub with public tickets and wiki.


This addon requires HandyNotes.

Huge Thanks To HN:BRPS

WConquest addon is based on the fantastic addon HandyNotes: Boralus RP Spots by OrabiMoonGuard!  Thank you for the great work for the RP community and your addon.