HandyNotes: Stygia

If you want to make a Shadehound to ride in the Maw, you need to gather Stygia Dust. But where is it? I'll show you.


Step 1: buy a Stygia Dowser from Ve'nari. Green glowy Stygia Nexuses will show up on your map.

Step 2: gather enough Stygia Dust and Silver to make 20x Stygia Bar.

Step 3: buy a Partial Rune Codex from Ve'nari.

Step 4: go find 3 Rune Pages which will now show up on your map.

Step 5: loot the Soulforger's Tools from Soulforger Rhovus

Step 6: assemble the Armored Husk at the Soulsteel Anvil on top of Domination Keep

Step 7: find a Stray Soul in the River of Souls

Step 8: bind the soul to the armored husk at the Binding Altar

Step 9: ride the feral shadehound and use the runes in your actionbar in the order your codex says


What else might help me find things?