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This addon will sometime serve as big collection of HandyNotes around the World (of Warcraft).

Currently, this addon contains all rares from Warlords of Draenor, most treasures and some achievements.

If you have any comment, issue or feature request, you can leave me a note on Discord (link in icon), create issue on Gitlab or send a me a message where you see fit.


Configuration for this addon can be found under HandyNotes (Interface -> Addons -> HandyNotes -> Plugins -> Collection).

At current time, you can modify configuration for Waypoints and Collection (tracking).

Collection (tracking)

You can opt-out (hide) collection icons from map. Size and opacity can be configured.

Use summary point

Summary point works on continent maps (e.g. map of all Draenor maps). It aggregates all items in specific maps a filters out missing ones.

Show completed

Enabling this shows completed (achievement, pets, mounts etc.) points on map.

Track transmogs

There is a whole lot of transmogs from treasures and rares, and it can overcrowd your map. You can disable transmog tracking if you are achievement / mount / pet / toy person only.

Show unobtainable transmogs

This switches, if unobtainable items (like cloth on warrior) should be shown on map or in tooltips.

Track exact transmogs

This works like in All The Things addon (Completionist Mode). If you enable this, transmogs will track exact Visual ID source for item. If this is disabled, it will check, if you have same Source ID and count it as collected.

Waypoints in instances

This part was was moved to separate addon HandyNotes: Nooks and Crannies.


You can find list of locations and items, that are currently added below.

Warlords of Draenor

Frostfire Ridge

Shadowmoon Valley



Spires of Arak


Tanaan Jungle