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HandyNotes_Vendors allows you to track Vendor locations in HandyNotes. This is sister project to HandyNotes_Trainers which can help you track Class and Profession Trainers and HandyNotes_CityGuide which can help you track bankers, auctioneers and other important NPCs.

HandyNotes is base addon allowing other addons add icons to your worldmap. HandyNotes_Vendors is addon adding one icon for each Vendor you visit. Each Vendor has one of three different icons so you can easily find proper vendor for you.

  • Food icon for normal vendors
  • Anvil icon for vendors which can repair items
  • Hearthstone icon for innkeepers

How you can help

  • Localization
    • Use the wowace's Localization tool and provide any localization phrases.
    • I'm interested in: Korean, and Latin American Spanish.
    • Alternatively send your translations in UTF-8 encoding to my email: zarevak [a] gmail [point] com
  • Feedback
    • All feedback is greatly appreciated! Leave a comment ;-)

Frequently asked questions

Why it doesn't work?
Please check if you have HandyNotes installed. Also note HandyNotes_Vendors doesn't come with preconfigured database. You can help me create one by sending me your SavedVariables file to my email: zarevak [a] gmail [point] com
Will it work with my Map addon (Mapster, Cartographer, ...)
Yes, it will. HandyNotes are written independently on any Map addon and if your addon doesn't screw up, it will work.
Will it work with Cartographer?
Cartographer notes use Cartographer_Notes addon as base for its note system. HandyNotes are using their own system independently on Cartographer. HandyNotes icons will be shown on your Cartographer, but they won't be available to addons working with Cartographer notes.

Planned features

  • More detailed vendor types: Food & Drink, Poisons, Ammunition, Reagents
  • Filters to display only vendors of certain types
  • Favorite and Meaningless vendors, which you'll be able to filter independently on category filters

Rejected features


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