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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Due to changes in cata, this addon is rendered functionally worthless, blizzard has included the primary goal of this addon into their Default UI. Due to Game API changes, it will be broken.

Guild Craft shows you what people in the guild can craft. Provided they have the addon or you have "imported" their profession. Use /gcb to show the browser or left click on the launcher provided by your LDB-Display of choice. Options can be found by right clicking the Launcher or using the slash command "/guildcraft" This addon is not intended to replace searching on wowhead or thottbot to find what you want. This is intended to show you what people can make once you found what you want.


Main Browser

The Main Browser shows by profession, with the listing off to the left hand side. All Bind on Pick up items are automatically filtered out. The Main area shows you who can craft the item, as well as displays the information about the item. The information displayed is in fact the enchant tooltip ( or Crafting Tooltip as if you had linked the item to someone from the tradeskill window). Also shows if they are online / off line or not in your current guild. You can shift Click the "Refresh" button to rebuild the cache. The Browser is Load on Demand and is a separate addon that comes packaged with Guild Craft. Browser Shows when Left Clicking on the launcher

A note about the search function

The search function also looks at the item's tooltip. For example, searching for "red agi" for jewel crafting will show any gem that fits a red slot that has agi on it. Searching "agi 60" in enchanting will show all enchants that do agi and where introduced in wrath. The search function is a multi-word explicit match method. Many have requested a filter / search by ItemQuality, this should now be possible though enabling Colorblind mode in the Default UI (Interface->Display). Alternate Implementation is not planned.

Database Care

Alternate Update
In the options section you can pull other people's links or push yours to them.
You can select a player to be removed from the database, however if that person is still in your guild they will auto update. This is not a blacklist feature.


  • Wowace Forum Thread
  • LDB Feed for quick access to the browser and options window as well as an extended tooltip showing an overview of what tradeskill data you have and from who.

Looking for Translators

If you would like to contribute to the translations for the addon please visit Guild Craft Localizations to contribute

Bug Reports and Errors

Please Report All bugs on the Curseforge Ticket Tracker. I do watch the tracker, please provide full information on the ticket.

Known Bugs

Immediately following a patch tradeskill data must be regenerated. There is a chance that not all links will work properly and that some will be removed regardless of updating. Try resting your TradeLink cache via slash command " /resetltldata ". This will wipe all your cached tradeskill data from the SavedVariables and force the addon to regenerate them after the UI is done reloading as this also reloads your UI in the same step. This pulls the data fresh and fast/properly from the client's local cache.

Also after patches it may be needed to purge a player's data out or in some cases reset the entire database. This can be done from the options menu under Datbase section.

Features Not Available

  • Filtering Based on Expansion Level.
  • Filtering / Searching by Required level plus.
  • Filtering / Searching based on anything not found on the crafting tooltip. Includes Level / ItemLevel ranges, Crafting Category.

These features are specifically declined as it would require a pre-built database of what recipes belong where. Also, this addon isn't a replacement for searching WoWHead.


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