19,384 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 18, 2020 Game Version: 1.13.5  

Adds class colors to:

  • Friends list
  • Guild list
  • who list


Shows players in the same zone as you in a light blue color to make them stand out more visibly.


Friends list displays class color and level of player.


Authored by Forestt <ScubaCops> (Alliance US-Netherwind) - modified the addon called FriendColor to add colors to guild & /who as well


HONORSPY INTERACTION DISCLAIMER: HonorSpy uses up the '/who' resources almost constantly in game in order to look for players to add/update the honor pool, which is why when you run a '/who' occasionally it won't update until you refresh a few times. Because of this, GuildColors and similar addons that rely on getting information from '/who' will sometimes not be able to acquire information about players to properly display zone, class, or race information. Unless you are ranking or in charge or brackets I highly recommend disabling HonorSpy, it does several things that cause lag and it interferes with other addons.


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