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There is an additional addon that helps improve Guildbook, its basically an extra storage location for Guildbook to use.

Guildbook_TSDB - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge













Guildbook allows you to view guild members professions/recipes, whenever a player logs in the addon will send their local recipe data, to get an updated set of recipes you must click to view their profile. 





The calendar is loosely based on the standard in-game calendar provided by Blizzard, it allows you to create events, set event types, set event attendance and view who is attending and which classes have signed on. Data is synced between guild members but does require guild members to be online and an overlap so data spreads. (I will add a button to push data as a back-up option).




View your chat messages easier, guild messages/channel will always appear at the top of the list, whispers will appear in order of most recent. You can click a guild members message to set them as the target of a whisper. Only messages sent from you via the addon chat UI will be shown here!




FAQ (more on Discord)

Q. Character models don't show?
A. Guildbook will need to acquire the model first, to do this wait for the game to load (there is a 5 sec delay before capturing is enabled) and mouseover the various race/gender options for your faction.

Q. The character model shows the wrong customization (hair, skin etc)?
A. Due to limitations addons cannot just load these things. The model shown will have the customizations of the first character you mouseover of that race/gender combo. Given most characters will show with a head/helm it was decided this isn't to detrimental.

Q. I can't see any information about a character?
A. Probable cause is the character/player doesn't have Guildbook installed. Otherwise click the character in the roster, this will trigger a data request.