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I have created a Discord server which people can use to report issues they find with this addon; given how often I use Discord, I am far more likely to respond to support requests there than I am anywhere else. To join the server, you can either click the 'Issues' link above, or click 'Add A Server' in Discord, then copy and paste this invite code when prompted: BGKnpza




While playing Classic, I noticed that a player's guild name didn't appear in their tooltip.


This addon fixes that, by adding that information to the tooltip as it would appear in the Retail version of the game. It also colourises the guild name, and uses class colours for easier reading, so you can tell at a glance what class a player is.


Also compatible with GearScore TBC.


Compatible with Shadowed Unit Frames; please contact me via my Discord server if you encounter issues when using this addon alongside any other one that alters unit frames.


This addon works with WOTLK Classic and Vanilla Classic, but it does not work with Retail.