Guild Roster Manager (GRM) - Group Info

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GRM Group Info

Must be used in conjunction with the Guild Roster Manager addon

  • This addon will inform you the names of all the people currently in your group who are guildies.

  • This will inform you if you are grouped with any former guildies. This particularly feature goes very deep in that it will inform you the date they left. It will let you know if they were previously banned from the guild. It will also let you know if they have name-changed since leaving the guild. Finally, it will inform you of their known alts and if any of them are still currently in your guild.

  • This addon will inform you of all the people you are grouped with that are on the same server, or a connected realm member (which makes trading items beyond boss loot drops easier)

  • Colored indicators will appear next to raid/party member names if you are within trade distance of the player. They will update on the fly. Yes, it can be disabled.

Mouseover Information

Lock window, then mouseover each name for more details


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