Guild Lottery and Raffle

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This is an AddOn that lets you set up a Guild Lottery or Raffle. The info such as price per ticket and the amount of money in the Lottery (or items in a Raffle) are up to you.

There has been talk about whether or not a Lottery AddOn is allowed according to Blizzard EULA, I hope the following link (a Blizzard link) will put to rest the debate.

TLDR: If it's private, (ie within Guild) it's okay, but you cannot advertise for it in public.


Feel free to join a discord I've setup:



While the Blizzard support article linked above no longer exists (was removed sometime before BfA came out), a couple of users on the Discord server I've setup contacted a Blizzard GM after they received a warning. The users involved are on EU Realms, although Blizzards stance for US Realm players is very likely the same with regards to this AddOn; You can view the ticket and response below.

TLDR: As stated above, so long as the events remain within your Guild Blizzard's okay with them.

Direct link for the images shown below:

The ticket submitted (thanks to Qunite):

 This was Blizzards response:



Blizzard does not save session data until you log off, so if you add a bunch of tickets to someone and your WoW Client crashes, you WILL lose the data. It's a Blizzard issue I'm afraid; so make sure if you add tickets that you don't go 10 hours without logging, just to be safe!


Go HERE for a guide on using the Guild Lottery AddOn


This is still a work in progress, uploads will be coming fast and furious, if you have bugs or requests, please post them at



Do you speak a language other than English? PLEASE help me localize the language it by joining the Discord linked above.


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