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Guidelime_DungeonGrind | Horde | 11-60 | Dungeon |

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Works best with PDF version of Hakurai Dungeon grind to know how to grind Dungeons. 

This is Hakurais Dungeon grind on Guidelime. This works for Horde and starts at level 11 all the way up to level 60.


Make sure to support Hakurai for all of his hard work over at.

Give a follow and support him at



Requires Guidelime to work. 


 Final update, might be bugs. I won't be able to update as I'll be leveling, Please use Hakurai PDF if you need any help, or if bugs do happen. ZF VS Mauradon You can decided where you want to grind.



!! You need to install the Base Guidelime Addon aswell as this as a seperate Addon in the Interface/Addons folder !!