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Game Version 3.3.5
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  • Added Cataclysm spells for Halls of Origination
  • Added Cataclysm spells for Grim Batol
  • Added Cataclysm spells for Deadmines (Heroic)
  • Added Cataclysm spells for Shadowfang Keep (Heroic)
  • Added Wrath spells for Halls of Reflection
  • Added Wrath spells for Icecrown Citadel


  • Added Cataclysm spells for Halls of Origination
  • Added Cataclysm spells for Lost City of the Tol'vir
  • Added Cataclysm spells for Blackrock Depths (Heroic)
  • Added Cataclysm spells for Throne of the Tides (Heroic)
  • Added Cataclysm spells for Vortex Pinnacle (Heroic)
  • Added Cataclysm spells for Grim Batol (Heroic)


  • Added Cataclysm spells from Blackrock Depths, Vortex Pinnacle, Grim Batol, Twilight Highlands
  • Added Classic spells from Molten Core
  • Added Wrath spells from Icecrown Citadel, Obsidian Sanctum, Ruby Sanctum


  • Added localization support
  • Split spell files into multiple sections
  • Removed test mode status of tested Cataclysm beta spells
  • Replaced some spell names with spell IDs
  • Added Starfall (PvP)
  • Added Twilight Flame Caller's Fire Strike
  • Added Core Puppy's Little Big Flame Breath
  • Added Twilight Element Warden's Frostbomb
  • Added Asaad's Supremacy of the Storm
  • Added Armored Mistral's Whirlwind
  • Added Cloud Prince's Starfall
  • Added Grand Vizier Ertan's Cyclone Shield
  • Added Turbulent Squall's Hurricane
  • Added Titanic Guardian's Burning Gaze
  • Added Rom'ogg Bonecrusher's Skullcracker
  • Added Rom'ogg Bonecrusher's Ground Rupture
  • Added Karsh Steelbender's Lava Spout
  • Added Young Storm Dragon's Chilling Blast
  • Added Titanic Guardian's Meteor Blast
  • Added Titanic Guardian's Blazing Eruption


  • Added Cataclysm compatibility
  • WAV sound effects converted to MP3s for Cataclysm support
  • Removed test mode status of tested Cataclysm beta spells
  • Updated Twilight Cutter (non-heroic)
  • Updated Malleable Goo (Heroic Festergut)
  • Added Slabhide's Sand Blast
  • Added Stonecore Bruiser's Shockwave
  • Added Ozruk's Ground Slam
  • Added High Priestess Azil's Seismic Shard
  • Added Corborus's Crystal Barrage
  • Added Stonecore Berserker's Spinning Slash
  • Added Stonecore Flayer's Flay
  • Added Slabhide's Lava Pool
  • Added High Priestess Azil's Gravity Well
  • Added Slabhide's Sand Blast
  • Added Stonecore Bruiser's Shockwave
  • Added Ozruk's Ground Slam
  • Added High Priestess Azil's Seismic Shard


  • Added tank vs. non-tank alert support (alerts coming soon!)
  • Added Cataclysm beta spells (requires test mode)
  • Added test mode for untested alerts
  • Fixed a crash with users running a very old version of Power Auras Classic
  • Added Core Puppy's Lava Drool
  • Added Zin'jatar Pearlbender's Foul Waters
  • Added Naz'jar Sentinel's Noxious Mire
  • Added Commander Ulthok's Dark Fissure (Impact)
  • Added Commander Ulthok's Dark Fissure (Residual)
  • Added Facelace Watcher's Ground Pound
  • Added Erunak Stonespeaker's Earth Shards
  • Added Mindbender Ghur'sha's Mind Fog
  • Added Blight Beast's Aura of Dread
  • Added Ozumat's Blight of Ozumat
  • Added Lady Naz'jar's Fungal Spores
  • Added Erunak Stonespeaker's Magma Splash (non-tank)
  • Added Stonecore's Stalactite


  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Added Dragonflayer Flamebinder's Flame Patch
  • Improved help documentation


  • Fixed Halion's Combustion (Heroic)


  • Added Halion's Combustion
  • Added Halion's Consumption
  • Added Halion's Meteor Strike
  • Added Halion's Twilight Cutter


  • Added volume control
  • Added "/GTFO options" command
  • Added melee hit/miss detection
  • Added Deathbringer Saurfang's Blood Beast (melee)
  • Added Lady Deathwhisper's Vengeful Shades (melee)


  • Added Power Auras integration
  • Added Consecration (PvP)
  • Fixed Professor Putricide's Choking Gas (again...)


  • Added Lavanthor's Lava Burn
  • Added Sindragosa's Backlash (Heroic)
  • Added Professor Putricide's Malleable Goo (Heroic)
  • Added Professor Putricide's Choking Gas
  • Added Lady Deathwhispers's Vengeful Blast
  • Added Lich King's Ice Burst
  • Added Lich King's Shadow Trap
  • Fixed Professor Putricide's Choking Gas Explosion


  • Fix Rimefang's Icy Blast
  • Added Frostblade (Icecrown Citadel)
  • Reclassified Mimiron's Mine Explosion
  • Reclassified Ick's Explosive Barrage
  • Reclassified Gunship Explosion


  • Added Lich King's Remorseless Winter (Icecrown Citadel)
  • Added Lich King's Defile
  • Added Lich King's Ice Pulse
  • Added Lich King's Spirit Burst


  • Added Apothecaries' Colognes/Perfumes (Love is in the Air bosses)


  • Added Rimefang's Icy Blast
  • Added Cloud of Disease
  • Added Sindragosa's Tail Smash
  • Added Sindragosa's Frost Bomb
  • Added Sindragosa's Blistering Cold


  • Fail Detection support (beta)
  • Added Toravon the Ice Watcher's Frozen Orb
  • Added Valithria Dreamwalker's Mana Void
  • Added ICC Trash's Arctic Chill
  • Added Kel'thuzad's Void Blast
  • Added Obsidian Sanctum's Void Blast
  • Added Obsidian Sanctum's Flame Tsunami
  • Added Prince Valanar's Shock Vortex
  • Added Professor Putricide's Malleable Goo (Normal only)
  • Added Valithria Dreamwalker's Column of Frost
  • Added Valithria Dreamwalker's Acid Burst


  • Added Blood Queen Lana'thel's Swarming Shadows
  • Added Blood Queen Lana'thel's Bloodbolt Splash


  • Fixed a bug with version updates
  • Added Novos the Summoner's Arcane Field
  • Added Devourer of Souls' Wailing Souls
  • Added Rotface's Ooze Flood (Low Damage normal/High Damage heroic)
  • Added Magmus's Gout of Flame
  • Added Varos Cloudstrider's Ice Beam


  • Added Professor Putricide's Mutated Slime


  • Added Icecrown Citadel's Coldflame Trap
  • Added Rotface's Slime Spray
  • Added Rotface's Sticky Ooze
  • Added Rotface's Unstable Ooze Explosion


  • Added Hall of Stone's Searing Gaze
  • Added Hellfire Effect
  • Casting Hellfire no longer triggers alerts


  • Added Gunship Battle's Explosion
  • Added Lich King's Remorseless Winter (Halls of Reflection)
  • Added Ick's Explosive Barrage


  • Patch 3.3 compatible
  • Added version checking and update notification (/gtfo version)
  • Added The Black Knight's Desecration
  • Added Bronjahm's Soulstorm
  • Added Marwyn's Well of Corruption
  • Added Marwyn's Corrupted Touch
  • Added Devourer of Souls' Well of Souls
  • Added Lord Marrowgar's Coldflame
  • Added Lady Deathwhisper's Death and Decay


  • Added Drakuru's Blight Crystal Explosion
  • Added Toxic Waste (Pit of Saron)
  • Added Scourgelord Tyrannus's Icy Blast
  • Added Onyxia's Deep Breath


  • Added Runemaster Molgeim's Rune of Death
  • Added Stormcaller Brundir's Lightning Tendrils


  • Added Deathstalker Visceri's Poison Bottle
  • Added Anub'arak's Scarabs' Acid-Drenched Mandibles
  • Added Mimiron's Flames
  • Added Freya Trash's Hurricane


  • Added the ability to alert only on DoT application
  • Fixed "afflicted by" alerts to support stacking debuffs
  • Added Lord Jaraxxus's Fel Inferno
  • Fixed Lord Jaraxxus's Legion Flame
  • Fixed Northrend Beast's Slime Pool
  • Fixed Northrend Beast's Fire Bomb

1.1 Beta

  • Bug fixes
  • Added "test" buttons to the addons menu option
  • Added spells, replaced names with spell IDs
  • Sound spam prevention
  • Alerts on "afflicted by" event