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This addon provides a grid status which provides the remaining amount of your shields on a unit.

Ok, 4.0 is there and Blizzard heard my prayers and added absorb tracking support. Therefore now also shields of other players and classes should be displayed correctly (at least when I'm done with it :-). And they should be very accurate now.

Currently I'm still experimenting whats the best way to use these therefore GridStatusShield currently provides two different methods to use. The first is based on the combat log and the other one on internal events and the tooltip of unit buffs. You can change the method in the settings of GridStatusShield. So if you encounter any problems try changing the tracking method (and let me know about the problems).

Some pros and cons of the two methods

Combat log based:

  • PRO: independent from clients language
  • PRO: pretty fast
  • CON: not very reliable (out of range units, broken log, lag, missing events for certain shields, multiple shields of the same kind (divine aegis))

Buff-tooltip based:

  • PRO: reliable concerning lag, range, and multiple shields of the same kind
  • CON: very slow at the moment because it parses every buff tooltip every time something changes (can be improved a lot)
  • CON: parsing needs to be done for every language separately (If you can help me with your language there it would be awesome!)

A FAQ (just to amuse me ... and maybe it helps you :-))

Q: I don't see any shield values!
A: Maybe your language isn't supported yet, try changing to combat log based shield tracking.

Q: I don't see any value for Power word: Barrier!
A: This shield does not create any combat log messages, try disabling combat log based shield tracking.

Q: This ** addon slows my PC extremely down in fights!!!
A: The current default shield tracking method is very slow, try changing to combat log based tracking, that should be much faster.

Q: The shield values aren't displayed correctly if there is more than one Divine Aegis on a unit (or any other shield which can occur multiple times on the same unit).
A: Yeah, those are hard to keep a part using the combat log. Try disabling combat log based shield tracking.

Q: "Try this! No, try that! Then try this! Nom no! Try that method!"... you are messing with us right?
A: Maybe... just wanted to show the pros and cons of the two methods in another way ;-)


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