Group O Matic Legion

Last Updated: Dec 2, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Aug 8, 2017

Owner: 0GamerCore

by: Akryn, llcorell
What this addon does
  • Group O Matic makes it easier for the raid leader or assistant to set up the group arrangement.
  • At a push of a button groups are arranged and modifiable by the template section.
  • It can save and restore what groups people are in.
  • You can exclude groups rearwards if you have players on standby.
  • The addon will show up when you open the raid UI.

    The Auto button can be set to 

    1. Group melee/tanks, healers, and range with similar players.
    2. Push everyone to the top of the group list.
    3. Split the group into two halves, attempting to balance tanks, healers and melee DPS.
    4. Group players by what map location they are at.

Some Manual /commands: 

/rgs 1 2 will swap the entire group 1 with the entire group 2.
/rgm 1 2 will push everyone from group 1 into group 2, if possible.


Original Auther Akryn @ Wowinterface - 



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