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This was intended as a quick way to loot cloth from mobs.
It ended up autolooting quest items, money and green (or better) items.

This is focused on grinding stuff not casual play.
Skinning mode (renamed "Speed gathering mode") is somewhat dangerous so use with caution.

"Speed gathering mode" loots any item related to a profession


v25.01 - fixed bug not looting money/currencies - due to name changes of some constants

v25.00 - updated for Dragonflight Expansion and the new UI


v24.02 - fixed dropping items being blocked by blizz api. you cant use the "skinning mode" any more. but at least fishing will go smoother

v24.01 - bugfix

v24 - fixed variables - ready for "shadowlands"


v23.04 : updated toc for 8.2.0

v23.02 - fixed a bug affecting mythic keystones

v21 - new items due to the new expansion : "Battle for Azeroth"

v11.02 using as backup the blizzard vendor prices database
v11.01 removed debug leftovers (sorry for the text spam) - cleanup code - added some archeology items too - "i want money" value updated for legion content (may need more tinkering)
v11 added Legion items - removed the custom minimap icon, blizz icons are prettier too

v10.02 - interface version bump
v10.01 - adding an item to whitelist for the first time now prevents throwing it away on the next loot - more 'minimum value' tweakin
v10 - WoD update - items and minimap icon

v9.11 and v9.12 - added some special items to be allways looted and a toc update
v9.10 - functionality fix - BoP Autoaccept was wobbly now is working properly all the time - only happened to me now - so i could not test it before
v9.05 - minor - updated ToC version - attempt to fix MinimumGold fields - even tho' nothing seem wrong here :)
v9.04 - minor - updated blips to a more human appearance
v9.03 - debug is off - update ressource blips icon (will be a work in progress)
v9.01 - a few more MoP Items added - AoE Looting works too
v9.00 - MoP ready - or at least i hope so

v8.40 - added option to use a modified look of the minimap resource icon
v8.30 - more bugfixes - and autoconfirm BoP items
v8.21 - bugfixes - added command lines for whitelist and blacklist
v8.20b - added while/black lists - should work fine... please test amap
v8.00 - 4.3 ready - Updated Elementals list - added Rogue pickpocket boxes to allwaysoot
v7.03 - Integration - Works along XLoot
v7.02 - BugFix - now loots herbs
v7.01 - BugFix - now it actually loots them money - sry
v7 Remake
Added some command line options
/gloot defaults - will load the default options
/gloot on - will enable the addon functionality and disable autoloot
/gloot off - will disable the addon and enable autoloot
/gloot debug - will print out additional info about what item goes where - why it was looted / why it was discarded.

v6.02 Bugfix
v6.01 Added Archeology to allways autoloot
v6: Updated for 4.0.3

- Rewrite. Redraw. Rethink.

- Revamped code and GUI. Now has sliders for all major categories (see picture). Sliders specify item level ... see wowhead or other site for item level
information. (Waiting for feedback on this one)
- Can autoloot high level(item level above 45) gray weapons.
- Will autoloot any item you allready have in your bags (Theondry). Selected or not in GUI sliders.

v3.3 - added "Autoloot Elementals" and "autoloot items" checkbox with "Item level" slider if you don't want greens anymore

v3.11 - small bugfix

v3.1 - Added autoloot for junkboxes and Lockboxes based on a minimum selected lockpicking skill to help rogues too.

/gloot and /grindloot work
Added cloth level to only autoloot cloth above or equal to selection
Autolooting herbs now too.

Added some sort of GUI for options.
Makes a list of items found in loot for future development.
Should loot only what is selected in options (besides allways looting Coins and Green+ items)

So far it does not loot DisEnchanting loot.
Has no config or enable/disable ingame functions(commands). Only enable in addons before login and disable the default autoloot function.
I shamelessly stole functions from MobInfo2 witch is a really great (must have) addon.