Grimoire Keeper Classic

11,402 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 15, 2020 Game Version: 1.13.5  

I am not playing WoW and I will not update this addon, feel free to make an update your self.


Grimoire Keeper Classic


Tracks all learned Grimoires and makes them Green in the Demon Trainers window.


Requires some set up to work properly. You must summon each of your pets, at least once, to add its Grimoires to the list of learned Grimoires. After that, each time you summon a pet or visit a Demon Trainer with a pet active, its Grimoires will be checked and added to the list. The Grimoires for each pet can only be checked and added while that pet is active.


Slash commands
/gk - display help
/gk list - List all saved grimoires.
/gk reset - Reset Grimoire Keeper classic


You need to run /gk reset for the new version to work!


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