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Custom Timer For Mythic+ Keystones (Challenge Modes), And Timewalking!


  • Released!


  • Restyles Mythic+ Timer
  • Shows Time Since Mythic+ Start, Counting Upwards
  • Shows Objective Completion Times
  • Appearance Manipulation (Offsets, Align, Font, Font Size, Color)
  • True Timer: Shows Miliseconds, And More Accurate Timer
  • Demo Mode: Position / Style Your Timer Before You Enter A Mythic+

Mythic+ Specific Features

  • Show +1/+2/+3 Times
  • Affix Information

Timewalking Timer Specifics (Disabled, Map Positioning Changes Broke The Feature!)

  • Timer Starts When You Or Other Group Members Leave 20yd Zone
  • Timers "Corrupt" (Denoted By An *) If You Reload / ReZone Into Timewalker Where Someone Has Left 20yd Zone Or Objective Is Complete
  • When Timers Corrupt They Restart, The Addon Asks Other Group Members For UnCorrupt Timer
  • If Someone Has An UnCorrupt Timer, It Updates Yours
  • Timer Completes When All Objectives Are Finished