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Gladius (Bicmex Version)





Sarena/Gladius Layout:


Bicmex Layout:


Choose whichever Gladius layout you want to use, or default if you prefer that :)
... or just customize it to your own liking, you can use these as inspiration.

Added dispell for evokers and multiple other spells (about 40 of them) to be displayed on the class icon frame.
I've also updated the DR's for most spells in the game, if I've missed anything then dm me on discord "Bicmex".

This is an edit which is using jaxgladius as a baseline, so racials and interrupts on class icons will also show up.

I AM NOT THE OWNER OF THIS ADDON, THIS IS JUST A CONTINUATION ON THEIR VISION -  ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO THE AUTHOR -> Resike and Jax for putting in the racial module and interrupts on class icons.

(And Kesavaa for the Kui Media)