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Jul 19, 2016

Owner: NorktheOrc

Original Addon: GladiatorlosSA This addon has been updated to support the Legion changes with permission from zuhligan of the previous project.

GSA2 not right for you? Try his voice alerter addon! Gladiator Voice Alerter


GladiatorlosSA is an addon created for the purpose of calling out the usage of crucial abilities cast by your opponents. No longer will you have to strain your ears specifically listening for the subtle swish of a rogue's kick, nor will you be oblivious to invisible abilities such as a monk's Revival. While tracking ability cooldowns is beyond the scope of this addon, you can stay fully informed about the events that are occurring right now to allow for quick reactionary play. Some incredibly powerful cooldowns, such as Incarnation, support announcing both their application and their falloff!

GSA2 is an unofficial update of the original addon of the same name, updated to support the myriad of class changes that came with Legion. Although many crucial abilities have been added, no doubt more will continue to be added and the existing list further iterated upon as we discover what is important enough to be worth vocalized and as abilities get changed in the patches to come. Given that I have been playing since Vanilla with no signs of quitting, I will keep this addon up-to-date to the best of my ability in the foreseeable future, including into the expansions beyond!

You can reach the options by opening the Interface menu, or you can simply type /gsa.


GladiatorlosSA2 is primarily designed for enUS. String and voice translations are left to other members of the community. Below is a list of localizations and the version which they were designed for. Out-of-date versions below should still function as normal, but may be missing sounds.

Feature Listing

  • Alerts major and sometimes invisible abilities, from Kicks to Ice Blocks and beyond! All abilities can be enabled or disabled to your liking.
  • Can call out the class that triggered their PvP trinkets in arenas!
  • Generic "Big Heal" and "Resurrection" callouts!
  • Alerts "Drinking"! No longer will you be unaware that the healer with terrible mana conservation skills just drank their way to victory!
  • Option for callouts to be exclusive to your focus and target! (Off by default)
  • Alerts for when you or an ally successfully interrupts an ability!
  • Throttle options to prevent the addon from becoming too noisy.
  • Easily add custom abilities and sounds!

Volume Control

By default, GSA2 uses the Master Sound Channel, which very few (if any) default sounds are specifically hooked into. When you adjust the volume of GSA2, you modify the volume of the entire client - your Sound, Dialog, Ambience, and Music sliders will all need to be adjusted accordingly. You may change the sound channel in the options, however note that you are then sharing a channel with other in-game sounds and may not be ideal.

There is a simple way to modify GSA2 sound files themselves, however bear in mind that these changes may be overwritten with every update, depending on your method of updating. If you do this, it is recommended that all future updates are manual to prevent your changes from being reverted, or that you back up the folder. Remember that sounds may be added or replaced in future versions, so you will need to do the process occasionally to keep your voice volume normalized.

Guide to Changing GSA2 Voice Files (Thanks, bluesh34!)

Lower the volume through use of external programs, such as Audacity.

For Audacity:

  • Go in File -> 'Edit Chains then click on Add in the bottom left of the window and enter a name for the script. (Example: AmplifyDown)
  • Click on Insert in the bottom of the screen and choose Amplify in the list with a double click.
  • Click on Edit Parameters then use the vertical/horizontal slider to amplify the dB by Negative (for exemple -5 is 50% less, so don't be loud on it) then click on OK twice to close the Amplify window.
  • Click on Insert in the bottom of the screen and choose ExportOgg in the list with a Double Click.
  • Click on OK to validate and close the Chains window.

With this script, you can apply it to all of the files, so:

  • Go in File -> Apply Chain then select our script (AmplifyDown in my example) then click on Apply to Files....
  • Look for the GSA2 voice pack folder (../Interface/AddOns/GladiatorlosSA2/Voice_enUS/.. by default), select all files by pressing Ctrl+A then click Open and the batch script will be applied on all the files within the specified folder.
  • You can find your new files in a new folder named Cleaned
  • Replace the original files with the newly modified ones.

Not Bugs

  • Combat Resurrection abilities (Reincarnation, Soulstone...) are not supported. These abilities behave very inconsistently from one another in the Combat Log, thus I offer support for none of them for the sake of consistency.
  • Alerts do not trigger while using the Ivory Talon item. This ability flags you as a different faction and no longer treats Alliance and Horde in the same manner that the mod checks for.
  • Cast-time abilities made Instant through procs or buffs (/glares at druids) still alert. The combat log treats cast-time and instant cast modifiers of these abilities the same and GSA2 cannot differentiate them.
  • Abilities cast from stealth do not alert. An ability cast from stealth is parsed before stealth breaks and is not recorded in your combat log. I have implemented a work-around that addresses certain abilities by setting GSA2 to watch for ally status effects for those spells (such as Cheap Shot). Cast-time abilities from stealth, such as Cyclone or Polymorph, will not alert their cast.
  • I do not hear new alerts after updating. GladiatorlosSA2 updates that contain new sounds require a full client restart.
  • I hear alerts from across the zone/battleground. GSA2 uses data directly from the combat log and range is not included in that information. Changes made in 7.1 will make range tracking impossible, therefore this feature will never be supported. Please look into using the addon's Spam Throttling feature, enabling only Target/Focus in each category, or disabling GSA2 alerts in battlegrounds.
  • Localization is out of date. Consult the project manager of alternative voice and string packs. I'm happy to link to them, but I will not personally be involved in any translations. I provide a list of all sound files added in GSA2 with each build in the VOListing.txt file, and will happily accept updated localized sheets into the base version if submitted to me. Beyond this, I will not be involved with the process.

Known Issues

  • "Success" alert functions for ALL cast-time spells in its list, including those you may have disabled. I am too lazy to fix this, sorry. Most of those abilities are important enough to have always on anyway.

Please report any and all bugs, comments, and suggestions down below.


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