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Gladdy (Classic)


Gladdy - Classic

Gladdy is a powerful arena addon with various modules which can be enabled/disabled and configured in behaviour/appearance.

Known Conflicts

dG Killshot Classic


This is caused by dG killshot classic. It overwrites a Blizzard API function "IsActiveBattlefieldArena()". Delete lines 43-46 in dgks_classic.lua


  • Announcement (drink, trinket usage, spec detection ...)
  • ArenaCountDown
  • Auras (show important (de)buffs as well as interrupts on the class icon)
  • BuffsDebuffs (show buffs and debuffs on arena frames - can be filtered)
  • CastBar (shows a castbar, can be disabled)
  • ClassIcon (or specicon, once detected)
  • Clicks (bind spells or macros to click actions)
  • CombatIndicator (shows a sword icon if unit is in combat)
  • Cooldown (tracks important cooldowns)
  • Diminishing (tracks DRs)
  • ExportImport (share your profile with your friends in the form of a string, which can be imported)
  • Highlight (highlights focus and target)
  • Pets (show arena pets)
  • Racial (show arena racial cooldowns)
  • Range Check (checks the range to a unit by a configurable spell)
  • Shadowsight Timer (shows a little movable frame with time left until Shadow Eyes spawn)
  • TotemPlates (show totem icons instead of normal nameplates, compatible with Plater, NeatPlates, KUI, ThreatPlates, ElvUI, TukUI)
  • Trinket (tracks trinket usage)
  • VersionCheck (checks if you use an older version that your teammate)
  • XiconProfiles (predefined profiles to start your configuration from)

Valid Slash commands

  • /gladdy ui (shows config)
  • /gladdy test (standard 3v3 test mode)
  • /gladdy test1 to /gladdy test5 (test mode with 1-5 frames active)
  • /gladdy hide (hides the frames)
  • /gladdy reset (resets current profile to default settings)

PS: You might know me by Knall or XiconQoo. My GitHub is https://github.com/XiconQoo.

TODO (coming modules)

  • PartyFrames
  • zoomed icons
  • arena numbers for nameplates

Special Thanks

  • miraage - the origininal author of Gladdy! Your work set the foundation for this edit. Thanks!
  • Schaka - the maintainer of Gladdy! (thanks for letting me continue Gladdy and all the work you put into the TBC community)
  • Macumba (thanks for all the support, your feedback and your dedication for the TBC community)
  • RMO (without you I would not have modified Gladdy at all and thanks for all the suggestions and active feedback)
  • Ur0b0r0s aka DrainTheLock (thanks for testing, giving feedback and correcting/adding wrong CDs)
  • Klimp (thanks for all the suggestions and active feedback)
  • the whole TBC addons 2.4.3 discord (thanks for the support and great community, especially the MVPs)
  • Hydra (thanks for constructive feedback and suggestions)