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Geist seems to be working fine with Dragonflight. Let me know if anything crops up.


Geist is incompatible with addons using LibActionButton-1.0, including ElvUI. This is not a bug so much as two incompatible button systems. Geist uses the built-in ActionButton functionality provided by WoW while buttons generated by LibActionButton-1.0 use custom code to achieve their goals. As this is not a bug in Geist, I have no intentions of figuring out a workaround at this time. My apologies for any inconvenience this causes.


Geist provides a twenty-five button action bar that displays under the mouse cursor at a keypress for quick and convenient access. Geist includes Masque support for button skinning.

How to use: Bind a key to Geist using the keybinding interface in the menu. Geist will display whenever that key is pressed with the mouse over the center button.