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Gear Rarity is a World of Warcraft addon designed to enhance your gameplay experience by visually representing the rarity of your equipped gear. By implementing a simple but efficient colored frame around each item in the character window, it provides an immediate snapshot of the item's rarity, including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary tiers.


  1. Color-coded Gear Representation: Each piece of your equipped gear is surrounded by a frame colored corresponding to its rarity level, providing an easy, visually intuitive method for identifying your gear's quality.

  2. Instant Rarity Assessment: With a single glance at your character window, gain an immediate understanding of your gear setup without having to individually hover over each item.

  3. Compatibility: Gear Rarity is designed to work alongside all other World of Warcraft addons without interference, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience.

How these features affect user's experience:

  1. Efficient Gear Management: This addon can significantly speed up your gear management process, saving you valuable time during both relaxed gameplay and high-pressure situations, such as raids or PvP encounters.

  2. Informed Decision Making: By being aware of your gear's rarity, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to equipping new gear, ensuring that you're always outfitted with your best possible setup.

  3. Simplified Gameplay: Gear Rarity reduces the need for additional hover-over actions to assess each item individually, providing a more streamlined gameplay experience.

In conclusion, Gear Rarity is an essential addon for players who wish to manage their gear more efficiently and stay aware of their gear's quality at all times. By providing clear visual indications of item rarity, it simplifies gear management and helps players make better-informed decisions about their gear setup.