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CursorCDtimer is a continuation of GCD, which has been buggy and with alot of errors since 2012. Despite the fact that I wrote ticket(s) about having issues, or asking for updates or instructions to fix those, I did not receive a reply. I sincerely like this addon and wanted to keep it going. Therefore I decided (with help of a couple of friends) to debug and change it as well as we can to get it working again in-game on all classes.

I do not want and do not take any credit for creating this addon, I only want to maintain it so that it functions in-game, as much as my current (or lack of) expertise in lua programming allows. As of now I have stopped updating this addon, as my real life commitments don't allow me enough free time to do so. If anyone wants to take over, please feel free to contact me!

About CursorCDtimer

It does the same that GCD does:

  • provides a cast bar
  • a global cooldown bar
  • a swing timer and cooldown timers (with icons)
  • you can decide if you want the above in a circular fashion around the mouse cursor or alternatively at a fixed position on the screen

If you use it around the mouse cursor it enables you to keep track of all the spells that have a CD, and their castime, which can be particularly helpful to healers who use grid clique, healbot or similar addons that require you to mouseover bars/targets, without needing to look away from who you're healing at the moment.

You can add spells to the addon in-game by name (but mostly Spell ID). Also works for spells gained through talents such as Cascade (Priest) or Holy Prism (Paladin).

Following Spells currently only work if you add the Spell via their Spell ID instead of Spell name:


  • Purify Spirit - Spell ID 77130
  • Unleash Elements - Spell ID 73680
  • Lava Burst - Spell ID 51505


  • Mindbender - Spell ID 123040
  • Desperate Prayer - Spell ID 19236
  • Cascade - Spell ID 121135
  • Divine Star - Spell ID 110744
  • Halo - Spell ID 120517


  • Holy Prism - Spell ID 114165
  • Light's Hammer - Spell ID 114158


  • Renewal - Spell ID 108238
  • Cenarion Ward - Spell ID 102351


  • Zen Sphere - Spell ID 124081
  • Chi Wave - Spell ID 115098
  • Chi Burst - Spell ID 123986
  • Ring of Peace - Spell ID 116844

To open the options menu type " /cursorcdtimer " in-game or find it under Blizzard Options Interface>AddOns For those who can't open the settings: I recommend going to your WoW directory>Account>YOURACCOUNTNAME>SavedVariables and delete CursorCDtimer.lua and CursorCDtimer.lua.bak. You will need to set it up again, but the command to open it should work then. :) Or reset the addon normally through deleting, and reinstalling it completely.


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