26,882 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 1, 2020 Game Version: 1.13.5

A simple way to aggregate and view the inventories of multiple guild bank alts.

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  • Syncs with other guild members every 10 minutes
  • Search for items across all accounts
  • Scores donations from mailbox and displays overall leaderboard
  • Displays total/individual gold and inventory counts
  • Items are fully functional (Draggable, Linkable, & Dressable)
  • Can be opened with minimap icon or using /bank chat command
  • Can be force sync'd with /bank sync chat command


  • In Guild Roster, set bank alt Officer Note to gbank (Note: bank alt must have permission to view note)
  • Login to bank alt (or /reload) and enable scanning in options GBankClassic->Bank
  • Addon will now scan inventory every time you close your bag or bank

Developed by <Dominion> of Myzrael