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How does one get so fat when he can't even cook something edible 95% of the time? I'm having a hard time with suspension of disbelief here Blizzy...

So what does this addon do? A few small things to try to make interacting with Nomi slightly less frustrating...

  • Adds item icons for each food type in the gossip panel
  • Lists how many recipes can be learned from each ingredient, and if you are capable of learning them
  • Shows how many of each ingredient you have
  • Points out items which you have a single in your bag (because you just looted the recipe tray)
  • Automatically queues up one job for an ingredient on click if you have a single of that item in your bag (because he's finished burning the previous batch of that item)

You need to open your cooking panel at least once after installing this addon for it to scan what recipes you have learned.