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Gargul | Master Loot Tool with support for TMB, SoftRes, GDKP and Auto Loot


## When should I use Gargul?
- If you use GDKPSoftres, TMB, DFTMS<>OS or any combination of these!
- https://softres.it: see who reserved what, who forgot to reserve, announce details it in chat etc
- https://thatsmybis.com: see wishlist/prio info, item notes, export loot back into TMB etc
- Gargul tracks player rolls for you and speeds up assigning loot drastically!
- It picks up loot automatically and can send it to anyone in the raid
- It shows you exactly how long you still have before you need to start handing out loot

## Main Slash Commands
- /gl - shows the GUI
- Do you use softres? /gl sr
- Do you use tmb? /gl tmb
- Want to auto loot anything and speed up raids and farming? /gl pm
- Want to know what else it can do? /gl help

## Does everyone in the raid need Gargul?
No! For 99% of the features, only the loot master needs Gargul.

## (Default) Hotkeys
- ALT_CLICK an item to roll it out
- ALT_SHIFT_CLICK an item to award it to someone
- CTRL_SHIFT_CLICK an item to mark it for disenchant


Gargul: everything a loot master needs!