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# Support Discord:


Gargul: Thatsmybis, Soft-Reserves ( and Rolling made easy!


# Is this addon exclusive for WoW Classic?
This addon works on TBC classic, WoW classic and Season of Mastery. Retail is not supported.

# Who is this addon for?
Master Looters, Raid Leaders and the members of their raids/guild. Additionally this addon is invaluable for guilds who attempt speedruns whilst still taking boss loot with them.

# If I use this does that mean everyone in the raid/guild needs it?

# If I use this with TMB do I also need the "TMB Helper" addon?


# When should I use Gargul?
- If you're using (see who reserved what, announce it in chat, double reserve support etc. etc.)
- or If you're using (see wishlist/prio list info, item priority notes, export loot back into tmb, keep track of what was disenchanted etc. etc.)
- If you're the master looter in raids
- If you're sick and tired of picking up loot in raids and want to keep going
- If you need an easy way to track rolls on items for both MS and OS
- If you need to keep track of +1 rolls
If you like our mascot

# What can it do with thatsmybis (TMB) ?
- Import wishlists, item priority order (LC) and item priority notes from TMB ( /gl wl )
- Announce loot in chat with names and order of those who have it on their wishlist or have prio according to the LC list
- Display order info on item tooltips
- If you award items using Gargul you can export loot ( /gl ex ) and import it in

Exporter on ( Guild -> Exports ):


# What can it do with soft-reserves ( ?
- Import soft-reserves from ( /gl sr ) 
- Announce loot in chat with names of raiders who reserved it
- Display soft-reserve info on item tooltips
- Supports multiple soft-reserves per player

- Announces who roft-reserved an item when rolling it out ( /gl roll ) or alt+click on item

# What else does it do?
- It attempts to trade an item after awarding it to someone from your inventory
- Broadcasts awarded loot between raiders so switching master looters mid-raid is not a problem
- It allows you to setup multiple PackMules who automatically receive items according to rules
  This means that you never have to stop anywhere if you're master looting in Naxx for example!
    (/gl packmule)
- You can give players a +1 when awarding them an item or by going into the +1 window ( /gl po ).
  These values are shown when the player rolls for an item so you won't lose track of anything!
- You can instantly check player buffs like Ony, ZG, but also protection consumables like shadow protection
  (/gl buffs 22888, 22818, 22817, 22820, 24425, 15366, 20079)
- You can check whether everyone brought the required consumables to the raid (everyone requires Gargul).
  (/gl inspect itemId1, itemId2, itemId3)
- Those who have the addon get a small (moveable) window every time an item is being rolled off that allows
  them to see if someone reserved the item and allows them to roll with just the click of a button.

- It allows you to roll out items to players or award them directly, which ties in with both and

(And much more)

# Got docs?
For documentation on what Gargul is, can do, and how to use it go to

# Something went wrong
Found a bug? First make sure you're running the latest version of Gargul. If you still get an error I recommend installing the BugGrabber and BugSack addons to better record and copy/paste the error in the ticket you can create here: or head over to our discord server:

# I have a request
Awesome and first of all thanks for using Gargul and sharing your thoughts! For requests you can add a ticket here: Make sure to select the "Enhancement" label on the right. Alternatively you can visit our discord server ( and discuss your request there.

If you find Gargul to be helpful, then a cold one after a hard day's work is greatly appreciated! Testing raid/group features and especially features that rely on internal broadcasting require multiple WoW subscriptions, which is what all donations I receive will go towards. Thanks!



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