Galvin's UnitBars

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/gub c to open

/gub for commands


Galvin's UnitBars is a resource tracking addon. Tracks things like mana, combo points, chi, etc.

Please post any feedback in the comments section below.

7.14 Release

  • Status Hide in Vehicle replaced with Hide in Vehicle (UI) and Hide in Vehicle (No UI). If you're seeing bars while in a vehicle. You'll need to set these options

7.10 Release

  • Profiles by Specialization added next to the Profiles tab. This will let you change a profile automatically by specialization

7.03 Release

  • Hide Power Type added to 'Status' options. This will hide a bar based on your current power type
  • Hide no Focus added to 'Status' options
  • Hide no Pet added to 'Status' options
  • Hide no Pet Power added to 'status' options
  • Stances added to bars and triggers. Stances for bars found under the Show tab and Activate tab for triggers

6.73 Release

  • Added Import/Export to Triggers and Bars

6.70 Release

  • Triggers rewritten.  They'll be converted over.  No need to remake.  Can't guarantee all triggers will get converted correctly
  • Removed all anticipation code for ComboBar

6.60 Release

  • Text font options has Changed. Field width and field height has been removed. \n can be added in custom layout inside the () to do multiline text. You may have to redo text options if you find something not where it was

6.53 Release

  • Bars and Tooltips has Changed. You'll need to redo these settings found in General -> Main

6.49 Release

  • Anchor setting in attributes has been reset to "TOPLEFT" due to code changes to how anchors work.
  • This is to fix the bar shifting bug

6.40 Release

  • UI changes for the bar menu
  • Auto Expand option added. Found at the root of each bar menu. It will expand the menu currently selected
  • Expand all. Expands all the bar menus at once. Both these settings apply to all characters on the same account

6.38 Release

  • Bars and boxes can be moved again

6.31 Release

  • Blizzards Alternate Power Bar: will show when GUBs alt power bar is turned off. This replaces the disable option under General -> Alt Power Bar
  • Aura Triggers: The time it takes to load the spells pulldown menu has been greatly reduced
  • /gub c: Will automatically open after combat ends

6.30 release

  • Frames: Extra Action Button mover added

6.20 release

  • Frames: Alt Power Bar settings has changed. This now lets you move blizzards APB
  • Alternate Power Bar: Now lets you pick which bars you want to use as the blizzard style instead of GUB

 6.10 release

  • Bar Options now has 'Sync Fill Direction' and 'Clipping' for bars that fill
  • Rotation now has 4 different angles (-90, 0, 90, and 180)
  • Sync Fill Direction default on. This will change the fill direction to fit the rotation
  • Clipping default on. This can turn clipping off making textures stretch when filling

 6.01 release (nothing changed from 6.01 beta)

  • Conditions for triggers. New operators added 'T<>', 'T=', 'P<>', and 'P='. Works like normal operators except these check talents that are active. P is for PvP talents. These are only available for Percent and Whole Number

6.00 beta (Battle for Azeroth)

  • This will only work on Battle for Azeroth beta
  • Specializations for mana power and pet bars. Now have defaults set for class or specs that always have a pet. All other specs set to unchecked

5.72 release

  • Absorb Health added to all health bars. Options found under 'Layout' and 'Bar'
  • Text for health and power bars. Predicted Power, Predicted Cost, Predicted Health, and Absorb Health. Will not show if their value is zero

5.70 release

  • Specializations can be used on every bar.  This will hide or show the bar based on class and spec.  This also replaced the Hide not Usable option.

5.64 release

  • Alternate Power Bar has been added
  • Alt Power Bar List  found under 'General' options. Use this to help with triggers for Alternate Power Bar
  • Text has been given a few changes
  • Frames found under 'General' options. Lets you hide/show the Player and Target Frame or Alternate Power Bar
  • "%d" no longer used for whole numbers in text. Since it can cause an integer overflow if the number is too high such as on bosses
  • Reset options now has pause text, this was missing
  • Links added to 'Help'. Has all the links to videos and websites

5.52 release

  • Stagger bar added for brewmaster monks
  • Copy and Paste can now copy between all color types
  • Triggers can now take time as an option for the Rune Bar and Stagger Bar

5.41 release

  • Rune Bar changed to reflect UI changes
  • Fragment bar replaces shard bar for destruction warlocks
  • Triggers now have specialization.  This is found next to the disable option for each trigger
  • Layout and General options moved to menu tree "Layout" found under the bar name in the menu tree left side
  • General options has been merged with Layout
  • Other options renamed to Attributes
  • Test mode has been moved to Layout
  • Debug added to help the author track bugs from text. Can be found under General options

Libsharedmedia 3.0 supported

Some features. Too many to list

  • Priority flag system. Each bar has a status flag to tell when to hide, show, etc.
  • Textures 'GUB Bright Bar', 'GUB Dark Bar', and 'GUB Square Border' can be used with any mod that has libsharedmedia.
  • All bars can be fully customized to how you want them to look.
  • All bars can be rotated. For health and power bars fill direction can be changed to match the rotation.
  • All bars have frame strata. If you want a bar to appear above another add ons UI. This should help.
  • Trigger system for more advanced options.
  • Alignment tool allows bars to be lined up for perfection. Right click a bar when bars are not locked to activate the tool.
  • Test Mode. Make changes to bars without having to use combat to do it.

  • A lot of bars have borders these can be hidden. For example: In the shard bar when in box mode. There should be an option called 'background'.
    In there you will see a pulldown called border. Select 'none' and the bar will have no visible border. You can do the same to bars that are not in box mode as well.

Fragment Bar demo

Rune Bar demo

Stagger Bar demo


Text settings

Align and Swap tool video

Triggers video.

Alternate Power Bar video


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