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flyPlateBuffs displays buffs/debuffs above nameplates.

"/pb" or "/fpb" to open settings.


  • It can show specific spells bigger than others.
  • There's predefined list, which contains some defensive and burst buffs, and crowd control debuffs. You can edit this list.
  • Two modes of duration display (on and under icon).
  • Many others display options.
  • I was inspired by abandoned PlateBuffs and make this addon mostly looking like original.


  • If you want to hide specific debuffs like http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/small/ability_criticalstrike.jpg Mortal Wounds add it to the spell list and select Show - Never.


  • Addon will not work with friendly nameplates inside Dungeons/Raids due to restrictions from Blizzard.  This can't be fixed.

To make suggestion or report a bug use tickets.

Please send me PM when you start translate into new language, so I can import it. Curse don't make any notification.