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FlyoutButton Custom



Custom Flyout buttons similar to Blizzard buttons like traps and teleports. Now you can make your own buttons!


MacroText support


  • To make your own button lists open Spellbook (or use slash command to enter SettingsMode): you will see small arrow-buttons attached to your action buttons. To start adding buttons click arrow-button: appears empty button list, drag there spells, companions, mounts, items, equipment sets. Close spellbook: buttons ready to use.
  • To set flyout arrow direction right-click arrow button
  • To set MacroText press small "Macrotext" cogwheel and customize. You can see screenshots at TinyExtraBars with examples.


  • Action buttons right-click while not in combat to set action to bar button. Supported default Blizzard action bars, TinyExtraBars, "Button Forge", Bartender4, Dominos, ElvUI.
  • Action buttons right-click while in combat - selfcast

Slash commands

"/fbc" or "/fbcustom"

  • empty to show settings window
  • 'help' to see available slash commands

Tested with

Default Blizzard action bar, TinyExtraBars, Button Forge, Dominos, Bartender 4, ElvUI.


Appreciated. If you using some 3-rd party action bars instead of "not works" please be more specific, like "not works with JohnSmithCoolBar".