Flight Path Penny Pincher


This will check if there's a cheaper route to your flight destination and redirect to using that. Maybe then you can save up to afford luxurious Sweet Nectar instead of settling for bulk Melon Juice.

On the flight window, the destination's tooltip will show if there's a cheaper path. If so, left click it like normal and it will instead send you to the next stop on the cheaper path. Right clicking it takes the default, more expensive path. After you take a cheaper route and land, open then next flight master without moving and it will continue flying. If you do move, it will cancel that automation.


/fppp flash <"on"|"off"> - set if the WoW icon will flash when you land on a redirected flight (if WoW is in the background).

/fppp min <amount> - sets how many coppers need to be saved to enable going a different route. The default is 50.

/fppp stats - shows how much you've saved.


  • Baldruc in Theramore seems to not be related to any reputation. I'm not allowed to go there to see myself to be sure.
  • Discount calculations can be off by a copper due to rounding. I've seen both rounding up and down at 0.5 on different paths so I don't know how they do it.
  • When location names are used (like in the tooltip), the zone is removed but only for locales where the name is like "<place>, <zone>." For other languages, it probably looks messy using entire location names.