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About Flight Map and Time

Flight Map and Time is all about the flights you take in the World of Warcraft. It draws lines on the continent maps, showing you visually where you can fly from each zone as you mouse over them, as well as showing a window listing all the available destinations, their costs and their flight durations. On the zone level map, flight masters appear as small boot icons, allowing you to see where they are. During flights, a castbar-alike progress bar will show you how long is left on your current journey. Formerly known as (Dhask's) FlightMap and Flight Map, the new name reflects it's flight timing capabilities which are also an important part of the addon.

Usage notes

Use /fmap or /flightmap to bring up the options window. Here you can set whether you want to see unknown flights on the map (most of you want this) and other tweaks. Type "/fmap hardreset" if you want to restore factory settings to your currently logged-on faction. This may be needed if your user-database in the SavedVariables contains outdated flight nodes. Type "/fmap lock" to prevent Flight Map from trying to record new flight times. The timer bar is movable if you hold down SHIFT and drag it.

Legion 7.0.3

Flightmap and Time v7.0.0.5 now available for release! Should be stable enough, but Broken Isles support is not 100% complete. If you run into trouble, don't hesitate to post a ticket. If you appreciate my work, please get as many people as you know to download and use this addon! The more people use and download this, the more time I can justify putting into my addons. Thank you!

Beta to

Resolved naming clash introduced by Blizzard in 7.0.3 and other fixes for Legion are in. I don't expect to have caught all bugs yet. If you run into trouble, don't hesitate to post a ticket.

Warlords of Draenor 6.0.3

Release version is here! It should be stable enough, but if you run into trouble, don't hesitate to post a ticket. Thank you for your patience!

What's new in 5.1.0

  • Now called Flight map and Time, since it has always included flight timing as one of it's core features!
  • Half hill flight master moved. If, despite my best efforts, you get a duplicate Half Hill showing, send me your savedvariables/flightmap.lua and I'll fix it!
  • Misc database updates
  • first attempt at partial Italian translation
  • Please report any bugs you encounter by Creating a ticket on curseforge

About release 5.0.3

Finally got rid of all the obsolete flight points, fixed some tooltip bugs and made the addon Mists of Pandaria compatible! Even included a lot of Pandaria data courtesy of Taryth. If you want to help improve the flight database, simply send your FlightMap.lua from savedvariables to me via PM! Additional improvements planned, stay tuned!

About release 4.2.1

This release brings back the Flight Master POI in the Zone Maps. A dash of colour is added for good measure (Neutral remains green, Alliance is now blue and Horde is now Red). May still contain an odd number of obsolete flight points, please keep reporting them. I hope to finish weeding for 4.3.

About release 4.1.0-beta2

This release includes a serious bug fix in the load order of files which prevented the default flight data from loading properly. I have now automated a good chunk of the flight data maintenance, and it should be easier for me now to keep up with changes. I hope to have weeded out all obsolete flight points, errorsand duplicates. If you find any of the above, please let me know.

About release 4.0.1-beta

many bugfixes contributed by Brad Morgan and Urbin. Also new are two added commands: "/fmap repair" and "/fmap hardreset". The repair option will try to repair your database (by adding default flights not present in previous versions) while keeping your existing flight times intact. This means the repair option is safe to use. The second option is a very drastic measure; hardreset will restore all flight times to their factory setting. Hardreset is therefore recommended only when your own flight database contains obsolete flight points. Beta may or may not contain specific flight notes and/or outdated flight times. Use at your own volition and risk. Update brought to you by Moncai.

About release: 3.3.3-beta 2

This release includes three new flightpaths and a fix for the timer window. The second beta adds optionally larger timer frame, options window now showing on using /fmap and minor bug fixes. The update is brought to you by the author of Moncai Compare and Moncai Quest Tracker.

Known bugs

  • Timing may or may not get messed up when going to a battleground or dungeon in mid-flight and then resuming the flight afterwards. I'm working on a reliable way to detect this.


Current maintainer, project manager and developer is Moncai. Many thanks to Thorarin (aka Marcel Veldhuizen) who not only reported bugs, but also reported their fixes, and who supplied the Alliance default data. Thanks also to Simon, who has helped immensely with the German translations. Thanks to Tarith, neoaeon, MFGK and VoiD88 for submitting initial cataclysm flight data. And of course, thanks to everyone who downloads betas, puts up with a few bugs and helps me fix them!


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