Fleecing Tip

1,996 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 9, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0


This addon adds information to the tooltip to remind you that you could obtain an item from a vendor/quest or mob drop instead.
Baa!...Stop being fleeced!



Supports Recipes, Vanity Pets, Bags, Toys, Mounts and now Armor and Weapons.


* Improvments *

  • Coordinates for known NPC.
  • A new money format display.
  • Display price item for profession available from a known NPC.
  • Item obtainable from a quest or mob drop.
  • Sound on a item found.
  • Chat commands for options.

* Chat Commands *

  • /fleecingtip (or /ft) <command>
  • help - List of options.
  • [item link] - Show info for an item in the chat window.
  • money icon/short/long.
  • sound on/off.


Originally Swindler Preventer maintained by Thortok2000 original work by Gazmik Fizzwidget.

Special thanks for all there previous work!




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