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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2014 Game Version: 6.0.3


Sep 18, 2012

Owner: Kiyal


flagRSP Profiles is a plugin for the addon "flagRSP". With flagRSP Profiles you can now (finally!) save and load your profiles in and out from flagRSP.


flagRSP Profiles only depends on flagRSP MoP with version 1.2.0 at least. Other flag addons aren't supported.


flagRSP MoP is only translated into English and German. But if you like, feel free to send me localizations of other languages.

Graphical interface / GUI

follows later

Chat commands

/rspprofiles, /rspp
basic slash command for flagRSP Profiles
/rspp help
displays the help ingame
/rspp load name
loads the profile "name" into flagRSP
/rspp save name description
saves the profile "name" from flagRSP with the given description
/rspp delete name
deletes the profile "name"
/rspp list
prints a list of your saved profiles with their respective descriptions

The profile name may only contain letters a-z, A-Z, figures 0-9 and _.

If you want to clear your whole profile list, you can do so with /rspp clearall, but be careful - all your profiles will be lost!


The graphical interface will follow later, I plan to create a new tab for it within the flagRSP MoP frame. There you will find:

  • Profile tab-GUI in the flagRSP "book"
    • A list of your profiles
    • A field with profile description
    • Buttons for saving, loading and deleting a profile
    • Displays profile description
  • Uses InfoBox for displaying profile content


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