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Filename flagRSP_v1.2.2b5.zip
Uploaded by _ForgeUser7537191
Uploaded Dec 29, 2012
Game Version 5.1.0
Size 296.30 KB
Downloads 155
MD5 522880aca3a0287567c57be7a0482c3e
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flagRSP MoP 1.2.2 Changes
* Reordered the displayed information in the friendlist
* TOC updated for 5.1

flagRSP MoP 1.2.1 Changes
- The engine title is shown in the tooltip correctly.
- Positioncursor in the description box has been found and send back to its work.
- You can set the InfoBox to be shown always instead of showing it for individual toons. If alwaysshown is active, the button at the target will be hidden.

flagRSP MoP 1.2.0 Changes
- Yes, MarySue Protocol (MSP) is now supported
- xtensionxtooltip2 is no longer needed for flagRSP
- Code cleaning
- Merged the fields for name and surname into one, called "fullname"
- InfoBoxbutton should work correct now

- flagRSP throghs annoying errors if addons are installed that influence blizzard's tooltip.
- Long descriptions will force flagRSP to generate a tooltip that may be larger than your
    screen. In this case flagRSP should privide a scrollable box.
- If you are playing with taintlog enabled, an critical error or a simple lua-error could
   occur. You can solve this by disabling the taintlog with /console taintLog 0
   and a /reload
- The Friendlist Online check is not working properly.
- The tooltip of cross-server flags might look odd.