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Filename flagRSP_MoP_1.2.0.zip
Uploaded by _ForgeUser7537191
Uploaded Sep 18, 2012
Game Version 5.0.5
Size 277.56 KB
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MD5 7631a89c2b12d6cad9a0d2fd04be7c0f
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flagRSP MoP 1.2.0 Changes
- Yes, MarySue Protocol (MSP) is now supported
- xtensionxtooltip2 is no longer needed for flagRSP
- Code cleaning
- Merged the fields for name and surname into one, called "fullname"
- InfoBoxbutton should work correct now

- flagRSP throghs annoying errors if addons are installed that influence blizzard's tooltip.
- Long descriptions will force flagRSP to generate a tooltip that may be larger than your
    screen. In this case flagRSP should privide a scrollable box.
- If you are playing with taintlog enabled, an critical error or a simple lua-error could
   occur. You can solve this by disabling the taintlog with /console taintLog 0
   and a /reload
- The Friendlist Online check is not working properly.
- The tooltip of cross-server flags might look odd.
- The cursor in the description edit box keeps disappearing.