853 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 17, 2016 Game Version: 6.2.4

Implements a workaround for a bug that exists in the Mac WoW client which corrupts movie recording when the client is launched with High or Ultra quality shadows.

If you never set your shadow quality above Low, you should not need this addon.


There is a known bug in the Mac Client that causes recorded video to become corrupted if the client is launched with Shadow Quality set to Fair or better. This addon "fixes" this by setting Shadow Quality to Low upon logout, then changing it back upon login.

If your Shadow Quality is currently set to Fair or higher when you install this addon for the first time, you will need to QUIT WOW ENTIRELY and relaunch WoW. (If it isn't, you probably don't even need this.)

Use "/fixmacrecording" or "/fmr" to open up FMR's options dialog. You will see a Shadow Quality setting. The shadow quality set here will override whatever is set in Graphics Options, but not until next login.

Therefore, to fix your Mac client's recording feature, you will need to:

1) Install this addon.
2) Open WoW.
3) Type "/fmr" to bring up this addon's options window for shadow quality. Choose the shadow quality you wish to use. "Low", "Fair", and "Good" are provided for completeness, but this addon isn't really necessary if you normally use them.
4) Quit WoW. ("Exit Game", not "Logout")
5) Relaunch WoW.


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