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This mod announces to party or raid chat when someone receives a Mark of Aquaos (at Margoss Fishing Retreat).

Notes / Disclaimers

  • There are currently no options and no settings.
  • There is no check to see if anyone else is also running this mod, so if there are multiple people running it, they will all announce it.
  • This mod requires you to be in a party or raid group.
  • This mod will only work if it can see someone loot the Mark.
  • If you are in a different zone (or possible too far away) and can't see what people are looting, then this mod can not detect if someone looted a Mark.
  • This mod has no ability to track who already has a Mark in their bags or who throws the Mark back into the water.
  • This mod is not currently internationalized (e.g. multiple languages.)
  • If this mod annoys others in the fishing group, find a new group or uninstall the mod.