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Fishbringer is a lightweight addon for helping out when leveling fishing. It shows helpful information regarding how much skill is needed for the particular zones. It shows how much skill you have and how many fish you are going to need (at most) to get the next skill point.

This addon was initially written by me over a decade ago. I've tried to fix it up, make it more coherent, and also adding several quality of life changes.

Usage notes:

  • The addon supports both /fishbringer and /fb slash commands. (_If Fishing Buddy is installed and loaded, /fb will not be available._)
  • Fishbringer will be automatically shown when you equip a fishing pole.
  • To move Fishbringer, hold down [Alt] and drag it to where you want it.   


  • /fishbringer show - Toggle Fishbringer's visbility.
  • /fishbringer align - Cycle through text alignments (default: right). 
  • /fishbringer count - Toggles visibility of fish count. Some people don't want to know how many fish they need, as the number will take away their joy of fishing.
  • /fishbringer reset - If I, you, or anyone else on the intertubes break the database, all addon settings and the catch counter can be reset with this command. Please report any issues to me and I will try to fix them. If a zone is marked with 0 in skill and it is possible to fish there, please notify me