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    該軟體目標是為了幫助你更輕鬆的應對史詩+地下城中魔化炸彈,並且它能幫你更容易修改各類血條插件的大小。/fnp opt 打開插件設置. 中文訪問:http://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=11817959
    该插件目标是为了帮助你更轻松的应对大秘境中的邪能炸药、易爆球,并且它能帮你更容易地修改各类血条插件的大小./fnp opt 打开设置界面. 中文访问:http://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=11817959
    Помогает вам управлять индикаторами здоровья, более проще, и помогает ТОЛЬКО-ПОКАЗЫВАТЬ или СПИСОК ФИЛЬТРА, то что вам надо `Взрывчатка Скверны` Мастер.



    It aims to help player to fight against Fel Explosive in Mythic+ easier. And help to adjust your namePlates' size easier.

    When too many enemies are around you, fel explosives will become too hard to figure out.



While, after using this add-on it will be much better.




    Download (or by twitch client) and put it into Addons directory, open WOW and cmd with "/fnp".

    Cmd with `/fnp options` or `/fnp opt` to open setting view; 


    Please change OlnyShow List to `Fel Explosive` (Maybe it not the correctly name please re-check it in Mythic+ 'cause I'm not an English Player). Each list can be added by semicolon `;`.


     Also you can adjust some scale size.

     Now let's try! Go outside,  change the onlyShow NameList or filterList with a certainly unit's name. Select the correct `UI type`, `Enable` and reload UI.

     It will show you the magic!!!

     Meanwhile, you should change it back with "Fel xxx" when entering Mythic+.


 NamePlate Support:

Most popular namePlates is supported, such as original UI(bigFoot, 网易有爱,maoR..), ElvUI,TidyPlates, EUI,RayUI,CblUI, EKplates(two mode) and so on.


 Contact Me:

Send email to 734419940@qq.com Or if you speak in Chinese, you can visit