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Actively monitor how much you have of any currency or item (including what's in your bank) with custom farming objectives.  Receive notifications as you progress, and hear the familiar "quest completed" sound when you reach your goal amount. FarmIt is a "set it and forget it" farming tool.  Be creative and play around with different bar setups... there are many ways FarmIt can make your life a little easier!  FOR EXAMPLE: 

--- Skinning ---

1)  Place a [Raw Beast Hide Scraps] on the item tracking bar, then Ctrl-Click the slot and set the farming objective to 10.  You will be alerted when you have enough scraps to combine into a [Raw Beast Hide] and can do so by right-clicking directly on the item tracking slot.

2)  Put a [Raw Beast Hide] in the next slot and set the objective to 25 so you can farm enough materials for your leatherworking dailies.

3)  Enjoy not having to think about the farming process anymore.

--- Currency Tracking ---

1)  Go to the "Currency" tab of your character window.  Click on the currency you are farming, check the box next to "Show on Backpack" and close your character window.  A currency tracking bar will appear at the top of the screen.

2)  On FarmIt's currency bar, right-click the desired currency and set the objective to the cost of what you want to buy.  So if you are saving up to upgrade your garrison to level 3, set a Garrison Supplies goal of 2000 and FarmIt will keep you posted on your progress.


FarmIt is your personal quest tracker.

Current item count is displayed in the bottom-right corner of each slot, and your goal amount in the top-left corner.  Optionally, you will be notified each time you loot an item that you are tracking.  When you reach your farming objective for a given item, the goal amount turns green and you will receive an "objective completed" notification.  You can hide some or all parts of FarmIt and your farming items will still be monitored. Item counts can include your current bank inventory without needing to visit the bank!

Bar orientation can be switched between vertical and horizontal.  The direction the bar "grows" (up, down, left, right) can also be changed, and bar length can be adjusted.  Bar visibility can be toggled individually, or all at once.

You can save a set of items from any FarmIt bar as a "farming template" for use again later.  FarmIt includes some built-in templates for each of the standard gathering professions.



The FarmIt user guide can be found online at: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/farmit/pages/user-guide

Complete command-line documentation can be found at: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/farmit/pages/commands


FarmIt has evolved a lot over the years through great feedback from its users!  Please submit feature requests or bug reports as tickets on CurseForge: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/farmit/issues


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