ExpandedStats (GearScore, iLvl , Talents)



Character window:

  • Character info always opens with the expanded stat window.
  • GearScore
  • ItemLevel



  • GearScore
  • ItemLevel
  • Talent groups and active talent
  • Colored names by class 
  • Colored guild names

LFG Party Scan:

  • When you are joining a dungeon from LFG, the addon will scan the stats of your party member, so you don't have to hover over them individually 

How it works:

The addons inspects the target of your cursor if you hold the cursor on the target 1.5 seconds. (we need to have a timer because we don't want to inspect every unit what is under our cursor - we have limited inspect request to the server / x time)
The target can be any UnitID. (player, target, party, raid, focus, etc.)
If you get the inspect data the addon will store them in an object.
Next time you mouse over a Unit, the addon will read the Unit's data from the save object if it is available, if not, the inspecting phase starts.
If the mouse overed data is older than 10 minutes, the inspecting phase starts again.
When you right click inspect the targeted unit, the inspecting and saving will be instant.

You can discuss or report bug of this addon on this Discord server: