30,605 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 8, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.2


Displays various different information about your characters and events in world. Mainly built to allow checking various things on your other characters without having to log on them. 

Features (Tracking)

  • Gear and Professions
  • Currency
  • Artifact
  • M+ Key
  • M+ done this week
  • Seals
  • Emissaries
  • Order Hall Missions
  • Raid Lockouts (LFR/N/HC/M)
  • Mythic Dungeons Lockouts
  • World Bosses (Available+Killed)
  • Incoming Mail
  • Argus Invasion Points
  • Broken Shore Buildings
  • M+ Affixes
  • Quests
  • World Quests

Future plans

  At the moment these features/updates are planned to be added at some point in future:

  • Localization (addon uses client language)
  • BFA changes and systems

Bugs and Suggestions

  To report bugs or have a suggestion what addon should track or improve upon please use:

Seriously, I don't come to this page very often and in those 2 places your concerns about the addon will almost certainly be heard.


 If you wish to support me and my work, you can always donate to via PayPal


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