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Displays various different information about your characters and events in world. Mainly built to allow checking various things on your other characters without having to log on them.

Features (Tracking)

  • Gear and Professions
  • Currency (including any items you want to track)
  • M+ Key
  • Vault Progression (Raid/M+/PvP)
  • M+ done this week
  • Raid Lockouts (LFR/N/HC/M)
  • Mythic Dungeons Lockouts
  • World Bosses (Available+Killed)
  • Reputations
  • Incoming Mail
  • M+ Affixes
  • Quests
  • Account Totals (Gold / Played)

Support for multiple accounts

Due to limitations by default data can't be syncronized between the accounts. You can symlink your SavedVariables, but this wouldn't work for cases when both accounts are online at the same time.

WIth this feature, accounts will synchronize data between them allowing to always track your characters even if they are on separate accounts. 

  • First, add a User Key in here that match for all your accounts. You can press Generate User Key button to create one automatically and then paste it to other accounts. This is so that other people can't send/receive data from you and only your accounts will synchonize data
  • Seconds Add 2nd account "Character to Sync With" and press "Sync" for the first time. This will create initial connection between the accounts. Any new characters that you login, will not need this to be done, it will happen automatically (assuming that account has synced with other character that is online before)
  • That's it. Every time you login data will be synced, and every couple minutes (that you specify in "Update Frequency") it will refresh it.

Bugs and Suggestions

  To report bugs or have a suggestion what addon should track or improve upon please use:

Seriously, I don't come to this page very often and in those 2 places your concerns about the addon will almost certainly be heard.


 If you wish to support me and my work, you can always donate to via PayPal