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Eriks Shopping List

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Have you ever become frustrated by having to dig though countless recipes in order to make just one item / enchant / whatever ?

This addon provides a nice layered recursive shoppinglist of all ingredients you need for any recipe of any profession. This is especially usefull for engineering.

  • open the list by clicking the new "List all" button in the reagents part of the Tradeskill window
  • keep it open seperately from the tradeskill window
  • click on any sub recipe in the list to quickly go there
  • minimize to keep it at hand
  • 5 new shortcut slots! click the corresponding arrow button to add the current recipe being listed to the shortcut slot.
  • type /esl to toggle shoppinglist visibility

Recipe data is collected automatically from opened tradeskill windows, so you're always up-to-date.

known issues: - only when using the addon for the first time after installing, some ingredients may not be accurate. Logging out and back in just once fixes this.

Please feel free to post any constructive comments or suggestions.