Enhanced Flight Map

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With new installs/new expansions, make sure to run the following:

/efm clear all

then go to /efm config and preload your faction's data!



Developed over many years, and still going, this addon adds enhancements to the flight master display.

I have taken up the challenge of updating this for TBC and squashing many bugs along the way for Illith.

The addon now does:

  • Adds an in-flight timer. This can be displayed as either text or a graphical bar.
  • Adds flight time estimates to the flight master screen.
  • Adds the ability to show a remote flight master screen. This screen does not allow flight, but will display all flight paths that you have ever seen, not just the ones for this character.
  • Adds the flight master locations to your zone map, colourised so you know if you know the flight point or not.
  • Calculates flight times as the addon runs and you take flights. Each additional flight over a specific path averages the flight times together to provide a median flight time estimate.
  • Adds a flight map overlay to your continent map window.
  • /efm report [party|raid|chan #|nick] will send your current flight time to your party/raid/channel/whisper!

Please report bugs and patches in github