ElvUI mMediaTag

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mMediaTag is a plugin for ElvUI with additional Textures, Chatbackgrounds, Tags for the Unitframes, Profession and System menu extensions for the Datatext bars.


Special features

  • 59 Statusbar Texturs
  • 17 Chatbagrounds
  • 32 Tags for ElvUI
  • Tooltip Icons
  • Links your Keystone if someone write !key or !keys in Chat
  • Automatic Class color for Target Nameplate Border and hover effect
  • Dock Icon LFD Tool shows Great Vault Infos
  • Objectiv Tracker Skin, (Questwatch
  • MaUI v3 Profile Support and Addonprofiles



  • Systemmenu: opens a colorful Systemmenu and Extra featuers
  • Professions: fast acces to your Professions
  • Dungeon: fast acces to LFD Tool and much useful Dungeon infos
  • Currency: colorful and customizable Infos for Anima, Greatful Offering, Infused Ruby, SoulAsh, Stygia
  • Dock: Clickable Icons for to create your own custom dock bar, Icons for Achievement, Blizzard Store, Charakter, Collections Journa, Encounter Journal, Guild, Friends, LFD Tool, Main Menu, Quest, Spell Book, Talent, FPS/MS, Ilvl, Durability


These AddOns are required:

  • ElvUi




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