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Minimalistic step-by-step ElvUI installer and plugin

• ElvUI layouts for DPS, Tanks and Healers
• Focus on high-end Mythic+ and Raiding
• Always up-to-date for the latest ElvUI changes
• Discord community for UI design and general ElvUI support

Custom features

• ElvUI Tags for detailed unit health information
• ElvUI Tags for healer mana and unit classification
• Options to disable rather annoying Blizzard features
• Clear useless AddOn cache to speed up your loading screens
• WeakAuras import strings for select specs and general utility

Custom AddOn profiles

• BossMods: BigWigs and LittleWigs
• NamePlates: ElvUI and Plater
• Other: Details and OmniCD
• Plugins: ProjectAzilroka and Shadow&Light

Chat commands

/luckyoneui config (Opens the LuckyoneUI ingame options)
/luckyoneui install (Re-Run the LuckyoneUI installer process)
/luckydebug on (For troubleshooting)
/vault or /weekly (Open your Great Vault)

Required AddOns

• The most recent ElvUI version
• Get it here: https://www.tukui.org/welcome.php

Luckyone's WeakAuras


See how it looks in action


Setup guide on Wowhead