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Welcome to LuckyoneUI

LuckyoneUI is a plugin for ElvUI, which means you need to install ElvUI first

Based on:

Wago.io LuckyUi (145.000+ views)
Wago.io LuckyUiHeal (40.000+ views)

How it works

Step 1) Install or update all recommended AddOns (optional)
Step 2) Install or update ElvUI
Step 3) Install or update LuckyoneUI
Step 4) Create a new ElvUI profile and run the ElvUI installer
Step 5) Run the LuckyoneUI installer and click on finish

Optional AddOns

WeakAuras 2
BigWigs Bossmods
Details! Damage Meter

Color Guide: (How to change the UnitFrame color)

• Go to ElvUI options -> UnitFrames -> Colors
• Enable "Class Health" at the top right (1) and then setup a custom backdrop (2)
• Here: Screenshot
• In addition, you should remove [namecolor] tags from the name settings
• in the "Name" Tab of UnitFrames - Player, Target, Party, Raid, Raid40

Recommended UI Scale:

• Go to ElvUI options -> General -> General
• Set UI scale 0.710 (dont type 0.71, type 0.710)
• Note: This is just a suggestion for 1920x1080

Interrupts, CC and Utility WeakAuras:

• Part 1/4 Import 1
• Part 2/4 Import 2
• Part 3/4 Import 3
• Part 4/4 Import 4
• How to import: Screenshot
• Make sure to enable this: Screenshot


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