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This addon adds media to all addons compatible with SharedMedia and some custom tags to ElvUI specifically. Also includes a batch file to update the media library to let you add or remove media more easily.


Exo (6 fontweights)
Future X (3 fontweights)
Kanit (6 fontweights)
Metropolis (7 fontweights)
Montserrat (6 fontweights)
Rubik (3 fontweights)
SpartanMB (5 fontweights)
Objectivity (5 fontweights)
Saira SemiCondensed (6 fontweights)

Statusbar Textures
48 statusbar textures. Most have a similar style but different shades. preview

Jaina - Beware (Long, Short & Short(reverb))
Saurfang - Don't die
Sylvanas - For The Horde
Anduin - For the Alliance
Anduin - Stand as One
Anduin - Long (Stand as one + For the Alliance)
That's incredible
Ragnaros - By Fire Be Purged
Bwonsamdi - I See Dead People
Illidan - You Are Not Prepared (bored)
Marrowgar - Bonestorm
Ashbringer - Kill them all
Budd - Ahoy
Dark Iron Dwarf (male) - For the Alliance
Garrosh - Watch your clever mouth, bitch!
Lich King - Apocalypse
King Rastakhan - It is good to be the King
Female Nightborne - Unleash Fury
Saurfang - For the Honor of the Horde, Lok'tar ogar!

Tags (ElvUI only)

Name length can be adjusted by replacing 'long' with 'medium', 'short' or 'veryshort'.
!NEW! Adding ':caps' at the end of a tag that displays the unitname in any way will capitalize the name and status text

[kmt-deficit:name-long] - Shows the unitname at full health and health deficit (i.e. -25k) otherwise
[kmt-deficit:name-long:nostatus] - Sames as above but will not show "Dead", "Ghost" or "Offline" status but unitname instead
[kmt-pheal:long] - Shows the unitname at full health. Switches to health deficit otherwise and shows your incoming heals on the unit (e.g. Kringel -> -25k -> -25k | +4k)
[kmt-heal:long] - Same as above but will include incoming heals from all sources
[kmt-manaper:hidefull] - Shows mana in percent if below 100%, otherwise hides it
[kmt-health:absorb] - Shows unithealth including absorbs
[kmt-health:current:percent-hidefull] - Shows current health at full HP and currenthealth + healthpercent below full HP i.e.: 120k -> 100k | 85% 
[kmt-health:current2:percent-hidefull] - Same as above but current health & healthpercent change position i.e.: 120k -> 85% | 100k
[kmt-percent:name-long] - Shows the unitname at fullhealth and healthpercent otherwise i.e.: Kringel -> 84%
[kmt-status:name-long] - Shows the unitname or the unitstatus (Dead, Ghost, Offline)
[kmt-dead] - Shows a skull icon when the unit is dead preview
[kmt-classicon] - Shows the units class icon preview
[kmt-classicon2] - Shows the units transparent class icon preview
[kmt-classcrest] - Shows the units class crest preview
[kmt-powerper]- Shows the units current power in percent without a %-sign. Hidden when unit is dead, power is 0 or when power is mana and full
[kmt-healthper] - Shows the units current health in percent without a %-sign. Hidden when unit is dead or health is full

[kmt-name-long:caps] - Shows the units name in capitalized letters

[kmt-name:abbrev:caps] - Shows the units abbreviated name in capitalized letters
[kmt-manaper-healer] - Shows only the mana of players with the healer role in percent if below 100%, otherwise hides it. If you want to use the tag with a %-sign use [kmt-manaper-healer<%].
[kmt-manaper-healer2] - Less "strict" healer mana tag. Also shows the mana in percent of classes with healer spec but no specific role selected.

[kmt-health:current:percent-sw] - Shows the units max HP at 100% and switches to Health-% if below 100%. i.e. 5M -> 99%

For questions, suggestions, bugs and everything else please contact me on discord Kringel#3269 or on the TukUI Discord Server


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